Monday, November 30, 2009

Sterling Silver ChainMaille Earrings

Earring 1: Simple dangle earring.

Earring 2: Diamond European Chain Maille Weave. Sterling silver w/ Anodized Niobium blue diamond

Earring 3: Tetra Orb earring.

Earring 4: Simple figure 8 earring w/ a bead accent.

Earring 5: Dangle earring based on the crazy-8 weave.

Earring 6: Half-byzantine segment with a large ring.

Earring 7: Dos Equis earring. It is made w/ sterling silver and Gold Filled rings.

Earring 8: Tapered Byzantine earring. It was the 2nd earring I learned to make.

Earring 9: Another version of a byzantine earring.

Earring 10: This is the 1st earring style I learned to make. Its a simple cable chain w/ beads added for color.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starting to sell pieces soon ...

I'll be adding more pics later this week & next week.
I'm working on editing the pics of my silver earrings, glass
pendants, and glass Ornaments. I plan to have a store
front setup & start listing pieces by Thanksgiving.

I'm participating in a local jewelry craft sale on Sat (Nov 14th)
in North Raleigh, NC. I'll be one of 13 or 14 local jewelry
designers at the show. Some are established and other are like me,
just starting out. See for
time & location info.

If your in the area, please stop by. If you know of anyone who
you think might be interested, please pass the info about the
Jewelry sale.